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Fire Films goes to California

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

We’ve just returned from a month in LA, shooting a short film + a series of training videos for Silverado Care. And what a great month we had!

Silverado provides care and support for people living with dementia, and their families. They offer residential care (where people live together in one of their supported memory care communities), home care (for people living in their own home) and hospice (end of life care), at over 30 locations in six US states. Throughout December 2014 we spent time visiting and filming at four of their memory care communities in Southern California.

Everything they do is focused toward enriching the quality of life for clients, residents, patients, families and associates (that’s what they call their staff – associates). They recognize the value of human spirit and believe that memory impairment and other chronic or acute conditions do not mean the end of a purposeful, rich life.

Silverado, quite simply, is a magical place.

They have music. And dancing. And cooking. And gardening. They have art clubs. And winter balls. And trips to donate food to homeless shelters. They have happiness. And joy. And light. And ice cream. They have dogs. They have many dogs. And cats and birds and rabbits and guinea pigs and fish…

But the thing they have most of all, is love. Their core operating philosophy is ‘Love is Greater than Fear’. Now I must admit when I first heard that I had no clue what it meant. But after spending a month there now I get it. And I tell you what, it changed my life. I am so excited to get into the editing of all this footage and share with you the Silverado story and what ‘Love is Greater than Fear’ really means. Not only for the residents, but also the families and everyone who works at Silverado. In the meantime check out their website  where you can read more about what they do and watch some of their older videos.


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