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Future-proofing your animations

Fire Films recently rolled out a new 4K animation delivery program with the launch of a series of 15 animated videos for use in The Law Library of Victoria's e-learning modules, which explain how to use various law websites. Working with the Library Education Coordinator and the team at The Library, we created what we're calling Screen Capture 2.0, featuring dynamic 3D movement of individual parts of the screenshots that elevate the visuals beyond the traditional static, flat screen recordings. And the results are so much more engaging!

Delivering our animations in 4K gives The Law Library of Victoria a future-proof product and extends the life of their videos. We've also archived the project in such a way that if the learning objectives or the websites are changed, we can easily revisit the animations and update only the parts that need updating. This offers our clients an excellent cost saving measure to help them ensure their video content continues to remain relevant and updatable moving forward.

Fire Films' innovative new approach with Screen Capture 2.0 is a departure from the traditional static style of educational 'walk-through' videos. Rather than using physical screen capturing techniques, where a user operation is captured in real time, we created a virtual version of the website with high resolution stills, which allowed us to tailor the interactivity according to the videos' learning objectives.

And the results are speaking for themselves. The Library team has reported to us that feedback from users has been excellent.

I would like to take this opportunity to pass on feedback from Library staff on your work, that it is of a high quality and exceeded our expectations. You provided a high level of service, met a tight deadline, were responsive and flexible, and demonstrated a genuine desire to see our project succeed. My personal experience working with you was excellent. You provided clear communication, met all the challenges thrown at you, and supported me personally through some of the technical aspects that I was unfamiliar with. I am very grateful for the time and care you took on this project, and cannot speak highly enough of the final output. Your unique approach to instructional videos, including both screen capture and animation, is fresh and engaging, and really made our content stand out. I would be delighted to work with you again, and will recommend you as the first choice in any ongoing maintenance and new projects within the Law Library of Victoria. - Renee Naylor, Library Education Coordinator

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