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Working the workflow

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Recently we teamed up with Andrew Hicks from Creative Workflow Solutions to build a CUSTOM TOOL for Adobe Premiere Pro that enabled us to output high res video stills from our project sequence and automate them to HTML with marker info, specifically for review by our script editors and impact producers. It's part of our post process to capture data in the Premiere markers panel to aid paper edits behind the scenes. We found adding images to this process helped the team to identify key B-roll and plot points that could be flagged and prioritised in the edit suite.

Hello! Markers to HTML



The thumbnails created by the Premiere Pro function, 'Export Markers To HTML', are too small and don't allow us to clearly see the frame and quickly identify key shots for use in an edit.

Build an extension to automatically export full resolution images and a responsive, styled HTML document.

Here's some great news: you'll be able to access this integration as Andrew will soon launch the panel on aescripts.

We were so happy with the result and the collaboration that we're now developing a suite of new integrations with Creative Workflow Solutions. This tailored approach to the File Films post production workflow will further enhance our own productivity and improve the production experience for both our team and our clients.

Working with Andrew, it's clear he has an incredible understanding of post production for the modern workflow. His attention to detail and eye for functionality make his integrations essential for the way we now work and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for your workflow process upgrade.

Learn more about what Creative Workflow Solutions can do for you in this video:

If you've got a production bottleneck or workflow integration idea, reach out to Andrew for a free consultation and take a look at more of Creative Workflow Solutions' innovative solutions.

We love it when tech and creativity come together.


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