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9NEWS: 'Victorian delivery driver aged in his 90s determined to keep truckin’ on'

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

While the federal government tries to encourage older Australians to remain in the workforce as long as possible, a Victorian truckie has taken it a step further, with the 92-year-old still behind the wheel full-time.


Peter Ward is determined to not be overtaken by old age, delivering vegetables to Woolworths five days a week.

“I don’t feel like I’m 92 but I know I am 92,” he said.

“I love it, love driving, always have.”At an age where most people would have put the brakes on long ago, or at the very least gone down a gear, Mr Ward still has plenty of drive.

Peter Ward still works five days a week delivering vegetables. (9NEWS)

Mr Ward was offered his delivery job by the Savage family almost 20 years ago, but like the produce he delivers, he’s still fresh every morning when he gets up at 4.20am to start work at 5am.

“He’s not just a worker, he’s the best worker we’ve ever had, he’s also a member of the family, he’s also a mate,” Kevin Savage said.

“I don’t think I’ll ever have to have the conversation with him (about resigning), because if he’s not alright to drive he’ll come (to me) first.

“As soon as he’s not right to drive he’ll be done.”

Mr Ward has undergone regular health checks and maintains perfect eyesight without the need for glasses.

Mr Ward is not showing any signs of slowing down. (9NEWS)

“I’ve always said to Mr Savage, the boss, if I find that I’m not able to do it, I’m failing, you’re the first one to know,” he said.

“I wouldn’t drive if I felt like I couldn’t do it.”

So inspirational is his story that his great niece Corinne Maunder has created an “accidental” short film about her hardworking great uncle.

“I just followed him around with a camera, asked him some questions about life and he just went with it,” she said.



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