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Educational video resources for forward-thinking health and science changemakers 

Fire Films produces health and science educational videos, training packages and online video content for:

  • workplace training and CPD

  • student learning

  • communicating public health information

  • simplifying scientific ideas for the non-scientific community

Work with us to produce videos that:

  • reduce inequalities in health and wellbeing

  • highlight prevention and early intervention

  • drive social change

  • promote evidence-based ideas

  • inspire a sense of wonder about the world around us, and 

  • foster creativity and innovation in science and technology


Engage your audience with dynamic and interactive video communication formats

Drive Change

Reduce stigma, shift corporate culture, advocate for policy change, and grow support for your cause

Make a Difference

Equip people with the information and inspiration to grow and improve their own lives and the lives of others

What can we make for you?

  • Scenario-based training

  • Animations

  • Documentaries

  • Interactive videos

  • Community awareness campaigns

  • Social media videos

  • Video journal articles

  • Interviews

  • TVCs

  • Branded content

  • Product demos

  • Surgical videos

Your ability to pick up on a theme in such a short time and produce such an emotive piece of film is a testament to your talent and creativity.


I have worked with many directors and crews in the past producing training packages for aged care and none have matched the impact and feeling that is generated from this film.


‘Finding the Why’ affects people’s hearts, which has a greater impact and chance of changing a culture, than working on the head. This film meets both components.


- Colin McDonnell, former Care Services Manager, Starrett Lodge, Uniting

Scientists working on a project in the lab


Watch some of our videos

Student in classroom with microscope

Monash Science Precinct


The Law Library of Victoria

Fire Films provided a high level of service, met a tight deadline, were responsive and flexible, and demonstrated a genuine desire to see our project succeed.


Their unique approach to instructional videos, including both screen capture and animation, is fresh and engaging, and really made our content stand out. 

- Renee Naylor, Library Education Coordinator
The Law Library of Victoria